Digital Preservation Recollect Enterprise

Digital Preservation is an additional add-on module for Recollect Enterprise subscribers, designed to protect digital files from damage or loss and to ensure the file is in a current format that allows the information to remain accessible to the intended audience. Read our Resource on Digital Preservation for more information.

Recollect Enterprise – Digital Preservation: How the module works –

Initial File Validation

On ingest to Recollect, the file is checked:
1. for viruses,
2. that if a checksum is provided that the file validates against that checksum
3. that the file is fully formed i.e. not corrupt
4. that the file format is not obsolete

Creation of many copies

A validated Recollect Enterprise – Digital Preservation will create:
• Access copies
• Backup copies
• Store the Archival Master safely

Routine Validation

Recollect Enterprise – Digital Preservation runs a regular validation cycle where the Archival Master checksums are validated at least once every 90 days. Should the validation fail, the system will self heal by copying the backup over the corrupt file and notifying the Administrator.
All validation cycles are logged against each file record.

Managing Obsolescence

NZMS continuously monitors file type statuses and where file formats are deemed to be obsolete by NZMS or by the Customer, NZMS and their customers will agree the path to migrate files, taking advice from appropriate authorities. NZMS shall then migrate those obsolete files into an accessible file format and add this to the Recollect record for users to download. The original archival file is not deleted and remains available for users to download.

See this process in the info-graphic below, click to expand. 

Digital Preservation_Recollect

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