Migrate your collection with confidence.

Recollect’s configurable metadata schema, diverse file type support, and high-capacity bulk upload and ingest tools are just a few of the Recollect features that we utilise to support a painless migration.

Whether from an alternative CMS, a cloud storage system, or a custom-built collection management solution, our experienced implementation team uses our tried and tested migration process to ensure a seamless migration.

A Tailored Migration

When a migration strategy is tailored to your collection, what may have previously seemed intimidating often turns to enthusiasm as the capabilities of data management within the Recollect collection management platform are realised.

Migrating to a new CMS can seem daunting, as many factors such as size and data condition can influence the complexity of moving from one (or many) storage systems to a single repository.

Migration projects requires a strategy that is unique to these factors, Recollect’s implementation team will work with you to understand your specific situation and consider your objectives, before providing tailored advice and proven implementation services to deliver a stress-free migration experience.

Each migration project follows 3 standard procedures – Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL). The key to a painless migration involves adapting these procedures to suit your organisations position; a process that Recollect can help with.

1. Extraction

Extract your assets, data, and metadata from your current collection management structure, with guidance and support from the Recollect implementation team.

2. Transformation

Transform your collection to become easily discoverable, effectively managed, and tailored to your own specific standards and metadata schema.

3. Load

Leave it to our implementation team to load your collection content onto your tailored Recollect site, using our high-capacity bulk upload and ingest tools.


The process of extraction includes withdrawing all assets, metadata, and collection data from the current system. The complexity of this step is largely determined by the the condition of the data and the collection management systems currently being used.

Although Recollect does not typically have any direct involvement in the extraction of an organisations collection, the migration strategy coordinated by the Recollect implementation team will provide recommendations to create a smooth extraction. Our team will often request sample data from your extraction to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of our recommendations.


The advantages of Recollect’s flexible configuration becomes clear during data transformation. Rather than having to transform data to comply with a metadata standard bound to the collection management system, Recollect’s configurable item templates allow the freedom to determine your own metadata requirements, reflecting the nature of your collections and your users needs.

Through creating your own templates for items and their associated metadata, whether it’s a digitised book, born-digital art, or information relating to an individual, you can determine how the metadata is structured for each item, and how the item interacts with other assets in your collection.

The simplicity and timing of this phase is entirely up to the organisation. Our advanced collection management features allow you to transform metadata in bulk after the data has been uploaded, meaning time-consuming activities such as data cleansing and formatting metadata can optionally be performed once migration is complete, or as a common activity during your ongoing collection management.

A data workshop is conducted by our implementation team to determine how you want your data structured. Once this process is complete, our implementation team will configure your Recollect site to format the data as you require.


Once extraction is complete and Recollect is configured to suit your organisation’s data management process, the loading phase begins. Recollects implementation team works with you to ensure that all content is loaded onto your site, with each item being assigned its template and connected with its associated metadata.

As managing a collection is an ongoing responsibility, Recollect supports high-capacity ingest and data management tools to ensure any future collection additions can be included with ease.

Don't let migration worries stop you from realising your collections potential.

To learn more about migrating to the Recollect platform and how it can empower your collection, we encourage you to get in touch through the contact button below. Alternatively, fill out our Recollect Journey survey below to have a member of our team reach out to you.