Simple Subscription

Tailored Subscriptions and Dynamic Scalability ensuring you have the features you need, as you need them.

The Recollect platform emphasizes flexibility, meeting our customers’ needs at every turn. To reflect this, we’ve adopted a tiered subscription system for our Software-as-a-Service model, providing your organization with the exact Collection Management System features you need, as you need them.

The tiered subscription system takes account of your needs, priorities, budget, and individual collection requirements with a subscription that suits you.

Our subscription page includes a comprehensive table comparing each of our subscription tiers, and the relevant benefits, features, and modules. To compare our available tiers, click here.

Core Functionality, without Compromise

Recollect’s priority is to provide a modern Collection Management System that equips archive and collection managers with effective, flexible management tools while supporting their audience with community engagement functionality.

Regardless of the subscription tier, your Recollect CMS will include our entire suite of core functionality, each of which being associated with our core values.

Discover              Access                  Engage                 Manage               Preserve

Content Management and Collection Discovery tools, User Management functionality, and all the benefits of a SaaS platform are included with each subscription, providing an industry-leading Collection Management System tailored to each customer, regardless of scope.

Professional, Enterprise, and Building your CMS

Recollects’ base tier, Professional, is tailored for organisations looking to manage small-to-medium sized collections. With full access to the platforms core functionality, our Professional tier exceeds the expectations associated with a modern digital collection management platform.

Organizations with larger, more complex collections may opt to select one of our highly configurable Enterprise options. University, academic and state libraries, public bodies, local government, city councils and other organizations with complex archives tend to take advantage of the Enterprise subscriptions to leverage the advanced benefits the tier provides, such as an increased storage capacity, custom site design, and advanced site configuration capabilities. Each of the Enterprise tiers, Enterprise, Enterprise Plus, and Enterprise Max have increasingly advanced and bespoke functionality.

Beginning at Enterprise Plus customers are able to take advantage of Recollect Modules, such as our Exhibition, Data Warehouse, and Digital Preservation Modules. A full list of Modules is available on our subscription page.

Dynamic Scalability

We understand that as an organization’s collection expands, their needs to effectively maintain their collection (along with an assured desire to continue growth through community engagement) will also change. Among the benefits of a SaaS platform is dynamic scalability, removing the need to restrict your organization to a specific CMS configuration. When required, additional storage, features, and modules can be implemented into your site.

It's not always easy to determine what type of CMS makes sense for your collection. If you’d like to start a conversation with Recollect, fill out the survey below and a member of our team will be in touch to examine your collection, determine what configuration may be best for you, and provide advice moving forward. To view a comprehensive comparison of Recollect’s subscription offerings, visit our subscription page below.