Understand your Collection's Audience

Build a Collection Management System tailored to your audience’s needs.

Professionals in the archive and collection management field are acutely aware of their collection’s importance. They can hold insightful records sought by historians, images providing a glimpse into a local communities past, or academic journals providing context to future intellectual pursuits.

Regardless of what your collections audience may be seeking, the ability to effectively convey and share the items in your collection is vital to providing a positive user experience for any visitor, and for communicating the value you hold.

To ensure this information is effectively communicated to your audience, Recollect works with you, applying human-centered design principles as a cornerstone of the implementation of your collection management system. Incorporated as a strategy for building a user-first experience, human-centered design is a concept that considers the specific needs of the target user when designing the interactive system.

Recollect Workshops and Shaping your CMS

The process of incorporating human-centered design into your Recollect-based collection management system is supported by multiple workshops, conducted during the discovery phase of Recollect implementation. The Persona workshop provides the opportunity for us to work with you to create a common understanding of the key internal users and external audience of your CMS, exploring why the groups are important to you, and how and what they access within the collection.

The Data workshop provides a detailed understanding of your data, including how it is going to be structured for both your purposes and for your audiences to enable rich access and engagement, and explores process of data cleansing and transformation.

The User Experience workshop brings together the understanding of the persona and the data design to configure the discovery pathways of your Recollect platform. This will guide the configuration of the home page and other entry points to your collections, including finding aids, highlighted collections, and other valuable functionality.

Our website holds many resources relating to the implementation of the Recollect site, and how our unique functionality can empower your collections and engage your community. Navigate to our Features page to learn more about the platform, or if you’d like to have a member of the Recollect team reach out to you, fill out the Recollect Journey survey below and a Recollect representative will reach out shortly.