All Your Digital Content in One Place

Whether your collection holds images, audio, video, or even 3D files - Recollect is a single repository for all your digital records.

Digital collections often hold a range of content in various file formats. A portrait of an artist might be stored as a .tiff file, whereas a 3D scan of a sculpture they created will be stored as a .obj file, and a recorded interview will be stored as a .wav file. Each of these file formats have different requirements for how they are accessed, stored, and managed.

Scenarios like this can be problematic for organizations trying to store their digital collections. They might find they need to use multiple unrelated platforms to host content, which can result in a fragmented and disjointed collection. Disconnection between related items diminishes a collections value because it results in the loss of important contextual information.

A comprehensive collection management system (CMS) that can hold all of an organization’s content within one online platform (regardless of file format) is a good solution. Not only does a CMS provide you with an easily accessible location to manage all your data, but it can also hugely increase the collections value. It will enable you to create contextual connections between related items, revealing a narrative and a deeper understanding of the collection, ultimately facilitating better user experiences.

Digital content of all formats is being created at an increasing pace, exposing the need for a unified repository for digital assets, data records, and stories — one adapts and grows dynamically according to your business requirements.

Recollect is a comprehensive platform designed to host, manage, and share digital collections of all formats. In our case study, Emerging From The Primordial Technological Ooze, librarians and archivists at the University of Newcastle were faced with the challenge of making their digital collections (stored as various file formats) easily accessible and discoverable. They used Recollect to successfully build Living Histories, an online digital collections platform, that is tailored to their specific needs.