The new Recollect 3D file viewer is an interactive and innovative tool that allows a user to view, zoom, pan & rotate low-res (web-friendly) 3D object files.

With advancements in technology making 3D printing and scanning more available to the public, we are now in the era of accessing everything online at our fingertips, often from our pockets. We’re not quite at the hologram stage yet but VR and AR technologies are taking off and being developed by leading innovators throughout the globe. Offering new experiences and interactive opportunities with collections that were never easily available before.

Recollect now offers our clients a solution to storing, accessing, sharing and interacting with their 3D files and digital assets online that enable a higher level of interaction and experience through embracing new technologies and ways of touching history.

Significant cultural collections and organisations manage a variety of objects and materials that are progressively being scanned into three-dimensional digital files for ease of use and viewing. Museum objects such as significant archeological rocks and historical indigenous tools are now digitally preserved and viewed online in a Recollect platform.

Precious objects and special collections are notoriously very difficult to access as they demand proper handling requirements and suitable controlled environments. Items that have been digitally scanned are easily accessed and viewed online from anywhere in the world.

Try it yourself

Living Histories @ UON are using the 3D item in Recollect to enable virtual reality experiences and learning opportunities with their collection of indigenous artifacts through their collaborative Virtual Reality Deep Time project.
Using our Recollect 3D viewing feature, researchers, historians and archaeologists can devour the entire surface of a three-dimensional object in its accurately rendered digitised form. Zooming in on every detail, crease and remnant of the past, they can discover the history and origin of objects up close without the constraints of handling equipment and controlled environments, eliminating the risk of damage to the physical object.

Allow your community to seamlessly interact with a digitised object, easy viewing with no limitations or access constraints. Research and discover an entire collection of history of any dimension or format right from the convenience of your chosen screen.
Digital Assets such as CAD plans and BIM (Building Information Models) can also be displayed and stored in the one Recollect repository with associated metadata linked to each digital asset. Empowering a Digital Asset Management system for seamless access for any organisation with a collection of digital assets and information that need to be accessed on a regular basis.


Our 3D viewing feature currently supports an .obj Object File with a .jpg or .png Texture file. With associated files and metadata such as ultra-high resolution, proprietary CAD or other rendering output files attached to the recorded item and downloaded from a central repository.

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