Recollect is excited to announce a new agreement with the State Library of Oregon’s Government Information and Library Services division to enhance its digital collection. This initiative is set to transform access to a vast array of historical resources significant to the state’s heritage.

The State Library of Oregon’s digital collection is an essential resource for the community, providing digital access to a wealth of historical material including current and historical publications of Oregon state government, selected federal, city, county, and tribal publications, maps, videos, and audio content.

By selecting Recollect to build a new, revitalised digital collection, the State Library of Oregon will be able to improve the user experience by making it easier for their community to search, discover, and interact with the available digital material. This initiative will ensure the ongoing preservation of the digital assets for the future, while improving accessibility for patrons today.

Recollects collaboration with the State Library of Oregon underscores our commitment to supporting libraries in preserving and expanding access to cultural and historical records. We are proud to assist the State Library of Oregon in this endeavour, helping to bring the rich history of Oregon to a global audience.