Tell the Stories Held in your Collection

Share your collections' stories as they're supposed to be told. 

The success of a digital collection relies on the target audience being able to easily discover the stories and information that matters to them the most. Users of digital collections might be members of an organization, a local community, or niche researchers: all of which have different methods of discovery.

Filtered search functionality is a necessary feature for users that know exactly what they are trying to find — but what if a user simply wants to browse or explore your collection?

Collection showcases can help users find the most interesting stories within your collections by directing their attention towards specific sub-collections that support valuable engagement.

The Recollect platform (designed as a comprehensive collection management system) provides a variety of tools to help administrators create collection showcases, e.g., dedicated static pages, information hubs, timelines, and narrative items.

The State Library of South Australia (SLSA) implemented a collection showcase within their Digital Collections to emphasize the story of pioneer aviators, the Smith Brothers. SLSA created a dedicated static page that utilises many of Recollect’s discovery tools including a timeline, event items, object items, persona profiles, along with an information hub that connects all content relating to the Smith Brothers.

To read more, our resource "Showcasing Digital Collections" takes a closer look at the methods administrators can use to highlight specific topics and guarantee positive user experiences. If you'd like to have a member of the Recollect team reach out to you, fill out the Recollect Journey survey below, and we'll be in touch soon.