What is a Custom Domain Name?

All Recollect sites are hosted as sub-domains of one of three Recollect domains:

  • recollectcms.com
  • recollect.net.au
  • recollect.co.nz

This provides an address such as customername.recollectcms.com, where the customer can choose what name appears before recollectcms.com.
Recollect Enterprise subscribers have the option of creating a unique address (URL) of their own e.g. archives.myorganisation.com.

Why do you want one?

It allows you to make your site consistent with your organisations other sites, giving an integrated web presence. When you visit the site, the custom domain remains persistent i.e. the user never sees the Recollect domain unless that is the URL they used to visit the site.

Can I have a naked domain?

A naked domain is one that doesn’t have the www before it e.g. mysite.com. Because the internet standards for DNS don’t support alias (CNAME) records on naked domains, these are not suitable for use as custom Recollect domains.

What is the best custom domain for me?

To create a strong link between your collections and your organisation we recommend that you use a sub-domain of your organisations main web site e.g. archives.myorganisation.com.

I have a custom domain; how do I connect it to my Recollect site?

Your IT department or service provider will need to add a DNS CNAME entry aliasing your custom domain to our site for you, e.g. customername.recollectcms.com. We will also need an SSL certificate for the domain.

Why do I need a security certificate and where do I get one?

Recollect uses the modern web standard HTTPS, which requires an SSL certificate to secure things and enable many modern web platform features. If you wish to use a custom domain, we will need an SSL certificate for that domain. We will generate the certificates via AWS, which only requires your IT department to add some DNS entries for validation.

I want a custom domain; can you help me create one?

Yes, we can do this for you. There will be a charge to establish it and an annual charge for the registrations, ask us for a price.

Contact us to find out more about a Recollect Custom Domain Name