The Recollect team recently touched down in Chicago to attend the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference 2023.

The ALA Conference brings together librarians, educators, publishers, and information technology experts from around the world. It is the event for sector professional to explore the latest trends, identify challenges currently facing the sector, and learn about  progress in the field of library and information management.

The Recollect  booth and team were busy throughout the event hosting demonstrations, connecting with customers and partners. It was a great   opportunity to engage with our friends and partners in the sector , discuss modern collection issues, and the needs and perspectives of sector.

“As a first-time visitor to the main ALA conference, I was impressed with the size, diversity and vibrancy of the attendees and the topics being discussed. The trade hall was dominated by publishers, but also offered a wide range of products and services from all over the world.

From discussions I had with conference attendees, it is clear that the pandemic is firmly in the rearview mirror and that libraries are focused on improving their services to their patrons and the wider community. Libraries have long been at the center of communities, there is now a clear drive to increase engagement with those communities through their online platforms, including their digital asset platforms.

Recollect stood out from all other platforms in allowing libraries to curate patron centered discovery pathways, storytelling tools and community engagement features that allow patrons to contribute to the collections.”

– Gavin Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer