Our Recollect Community – our customers, resellers, partners, and employees – are at the centre of everything we do. During this historical moment in modern history we continue to offer one another support and a sense of solidarity to ensure the well-being of all members in our community.

This is a trying and unsettling time for many as the Covid-19 situation develops, but we would like to reassure our customers that this should not cause any disruption to their Recollect sites over this period; collections will continue to be fully accessible online, and site functions and services will run normally.

Leading up to the New Zealand-wide lockdown, we proved our capability to work remotely across all areas of the business. Our development and support teams are fully operational and will continue to offer ongoing assistance to the Recollect community. We have embraced an online and collaborative team environment, endeavouring to maintain a sense of normalcy as much as possible.

However, we are also taking steps to ensure appropriate levels of back-up support and contingency plans are in place — for example, guaranteeing we can provide customer support even if a member of our team can no longer work remotely.


As a cloud-based business we are fortunate to be able to keep operating smoothly no matter where our people are — particularly in light of the nation-wide lockdown. This means that existing customers can continue to log support requests through the Recollect online support portal.

Access and managing collections remotely

The Recollect platform allows anyone with an internet connection to access and manage a digital collection online — at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Digital collections uploaded to Recollect can be accessed by entire teams, with multiple user logins and secure access control levels. This also ensures the wider public can continue to engage with a collection, in as much or as little detail as the Recollect site owner wishes.

This is an important factor for so many of our customers, now more than ever, with the closure of our much-loved community and cultural facilities. Recollect is here to help facilitate community engagement with these collections online.

In such unprecedented circumstances, it is crucial for us to unite by bringing together our communities and sharing our stories.

Please reach out to us to assist your organisation in connecting your communities and collections.