Recollect is excited to be named technology provider for The Montana Memory Project.

The Montana Memory Project protects Montana’s rich history by encouraging the digitization of historic and contemporary material held in cultural heritage institutions. As a project of the Montana State Library and the Montana Historical Society, it aims to make these valuable digital collections freely available to the public for lifelong learning and engagement.

Recollect is now working with the Montana State Library to implement a cloud-based platform that will help more than 80 organizations make Montana’s cultural heritage more accessible. The digital collections held within these organizations span a wide range of items including historical maps, rare books, photographs, antique objects, and more – all of which Recollect can unite to narrate Montana’s past and tell community stories.

The updated Montana Memory Project platform, powered by Recollect, will act as an online hub for digitized items and ephemera. Users will be provided with opportunities for learning and discovery, while developing a deeper understanding of the state’s expansive history.


“I am excited to move our content to this new platform. Recollect provides The Montana Memory Project an opportunity to grow in new directions and we look forward to improved user engagement with our content.”

Jennifer Birnel, MMP Director, Montana State Library

The Montana Memory Project Recollect platform will be available from early July 2021. For more information on the Montana Memory Project, please visit here.