The University of Georgia’s renowned Franklin College of Arts and Sciences has partnered with Recollect to provide a leading digital asset management and community engagement solution.

Franklin College aims to digitize the full range of collections housed within the Georgia Museum of Natural History; a project that involves the photographing and cataloguing of over 7,000,000 curated specimens from across a diversity of the College’s disciplines.

The Recollect platform will allow controlled access to all digitized material for staff, researchers, and students, while providing the web services and collection management team with comprehensive management and preservation functionality.

The Web Services team at Franklin College believe their Recollect site has the potential to go beyond the Museum’s collections. They are enthusiastic to offer the service to associated units at the University of Georgia that have digital collection or objects they’d like to make broadly available.

The initiative to build a single repository of digital collections has never been tackled by anyone at UGA”

– Stephanie Lynn, IT Senior Manager (Web Services)

To date, the Franklin College Web Services Team have uploaded the Allard Economic Geology Collection and the Grace Thomas Invertebrate Collection, both currently accessible for public viewing. Further collections will continue to be uploaded to the platform.