Recollect spins out of NZMS

Recollect today announces that it is splitting out from NZMS into a separate legal entity. Recollect was developed by NZMS as a cloud-based Special Collection Management and Community Engagement Platform for the Cultural Heritage and Archive sector.

The Recollect platform has experienced sustained growth throughout Australasia over the past 4 years. To facilitate the continued growth of Recollect, the decision has been made to spin out the platform from NZMS into its own company.

This will allow the platform to be managed independently of NZMS and will enable the new company to raise capital to support the expansion of Recollect into new overseas markets.

NZMS will maintain its position as the reseller of Recollect to the New Zealand market and will continue to provide support to existing NZMS Recollect customers in New Zealand and Australia. NZMS will also take on the role of implementing Recollect in markets where Resellers have yet to be appointed.

After 24 years leading NZMS, Andy Fenton now assumes the role of Chairman and Founder for both companies, he and co-Founder Audrey Fenton will remain on the Board of each organisation. Audrey will also maintain her role as Finance Manager and Director. To support this expansion the board have made the following executive appointment effective immediately.

Gavin Mitchell, General Manager of NZMS has overseen the growth of NZMS and Recollect for the past 4 years will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer of Recollect.


Gavin Mitchell notes:

“This significant step will allow Recollect to become a global contender in the special collection and archives sector through a dedicated new company structure. This change will provide greater opportunities for the Recollect team to increase the quality of its service offering to new and existing customers. We look forward to taking this great product to a wider market.”

Gavin Mitchell - CEO, Recollect


Andy Fenton notes:

“Audrey and I have enjoyed recollecting back to founding NZMS with John and Nan Pert back in 1990, and think about signature moments where we have grown on the back of a new service offering or investment around equipment or software services… This significant next step continues that trend but on a much grander scale - a global scale, and our research in North America and UK indicates the GLAM and special collections sectors of the world are looking for a product like Recollect – not surprising when you consider the Australasian market has grown from 15 to 70+ sites since 2015. 

I'm looking forward to a governance-focused role and giving our new CEO the space and delegations they need to drive company performance in accordance with our strategic plans and our company values.  I'll also be staying in touch with the sector in a networking and connecting role for both organisations.”

Andy Fenton - Chairman and Founder NZMS and Recollect

Recollect expands its Australian presence

Recollect announces a significant and new partnership with DatacomIT to deliver the online community engagement and collection management software to Australia.

Recollect has appointed DatacomIT, the Australian industry leader in digitisation, digital preservation and document management solutions to resell Recollect in Australia.  Recollect is a leading platform in online community engagement and collection management designed and developed in New Zealand.  This new partnership will allow DatacomIT to offer Australian organisations an opportunity to access a superior product to enrich how they manage their collections and present them to their communities’.
Recollect makes your content easier to discover and access, enabling you to reach out and empower your stakeholder communities, build your identity, enrich your collections, capture and manage new content and discuss new ideas from anywhere in the world with the cloud-based software.
Andy Fenton, Founder and Managing Director at Recollect commented on the announcement:

This is a watershed moment for our Recollect platform, having recently implemented our 50th site across New Zealand and Australia we also wanted to give new Australian organisations local representation of our world class cloud-based software.  DatacomIT’s pedigree in this space and our long association with, and respect for them, made their appointment an easy choice that we know will be well-received by those seeking to engage their communities’ around their collection, while addressing digital preservation and collection management needs.”

DatacomIT are proudly recognised as approved suppliers on many Australia and State Government ICT and digitisation procurement panels.
Don Beggs, Managing Director at DatacomIT, believes this partnership will not only strengthen our company’s digital preservation offering, but will also serve our greater vision of transforming the future of the industry:

DatacomIT are confident that Recollect will quickly become a market leader, making it the first choice for any organisation that desires to preserve, access and share precious collections as they migrate their content in the digital world.”

Recollect was launched in Australia in February 2016 and there are now twenty Australian sites that are live or under implementation and supported out of New Zealand.  Recollect has exciting growth plans and our partnership with DatacomIT allows us to expand our Australian presence while allowing us to enter the North American and European markets.
Existing Australian customers will continue to receive our dedicated service and support direct from New Zealand as DatacomIT focus on introducing new clients to Recollect.
By leveraging each other’s strengths and capabilities, together DatacomIT and Recollect look forward to many successful initiatives, using Recollect to deliver superior collection management solutions and services within Australia to support the long-term viability of historical collections of Cultural Heritage institutions and any organisation interested in accessing, sharing, and the (digital) preservation of their precious content.
To learn more about the features and benefits of Recollect, please: visit here or email us.

Tell Your Stories – New Digital Storytelling Features in Recollect

Digital Storytelling

In a world where content is king / queen and online research and learning is the most powerful and preferred way of finding information, digital storytelling tools have emerged. Why not enhance the access and engagement to your digital collections by sharing the stories about your community and collections?
Online storytelling and community engagement initiatives within our Recollect Community has inspired our Recollect team to develop a series of new features that help our Recollect Administrators bring life to the stories within their digital collections. The often-hidden stories within collections and the relationships between items can now be easily documented and displayed in a Recollect site adding to the richness of the metadata and knowledge around a collection.
The new storytelling features include a Narrative tool, Timeline tool, a Collections widget, and a User Map widget to identify the level of engagement with your stories.

Narrative Item

The new Narrative Item allows Recollect Administrators to create and display stories – or Narratives using their existing and additional digital collections within their Recollect site using a simple “blog-like” editing tool.
Using the Narrative Item, Recollect Administrators can tell the stories between assets by linking data and collections together in a comprehensive way. Uncovering the stories connecting a digital collection and recording them for digital engagement with their site visitors and researchers.
Each Narrative then becomes an “item” within the Recollect site that is easily searchable and discoverable and linked to the assets and metadata in the site. View a Recollect Narrative here.

Timeline Item

The Timeline Item is an interactive display tool for visitors to discover the history of a topic, event, person or any kind of metadata collection a Recollect site may hold.
When telling a story that has a rich history that spans years of content, events, people and digital collections, the new Timeline Item allows Recollect Administrators to display a visual Timeline that shows the content in time relationships. View a Recollect Timeline here.
The University of Newcastle site Living Histories have a great example of displaying their collection with the Timeline Item, see here.

Collections Widget

With incredible collections recorded and displayed in a Recollect site, our Recollect team have developed a new option to highlight collections on the homepage of a Recollect site. Bringing more awareness and promotion of collections, narratives and timelines to the eyes of site visitors.
The Collections Widget allows Recollect Administrators to choose their best and most relevant collections to display on the homepage of their site. View the Recollect Collections Widget here.

User Map Widget

Having shared your stories using Recollects Community Engagement and Digital Storytelling tools, the User Map tool allows users to review and analyse the engagement in the content. The new User Map widget allows users to view the geolocation of site visitors and what items they have viewed.
Perhaps you have a collection that relates to a specific area of your community, using the User Map widget you can analyse the engagement through a simple world map display – showing the individual asset, narrative, timeline or collection that a user has viewed and engaged with. View an example of the User Map widget here.

Find out more about Recollect and how to engage your community through Recollect Digital Storytelling Features

Recollect Reaches 50!

The growth of our Recollect Community has been astronomical over the last few years with a 333% increase in the development of community sites, from only 15 in 2015 to now reaching the 50 milestone in 2018! With more than 14 million units of metadata over these 50 Recollect sites, we are very proud to say this is just the beginning, with Recollect's potential being unlocked by those who protect such incredible digital collections.

We want to take a moment to thank our Recollect users and administrators for their support and trust over the years and say that we remain passionate and driven to deliver a powerful CMS that allows your identity, collections, knowledge and communities to flourish in the digital age.

We can’t wait to meet the rest of the world and help communities' discover, access and engage with their collections.
Help us celebrate this milestone by sharing your favourite collection item from a Recollect site on Twitter, use the hashtag #Recollect50
Watch this space for the announcement of who our 50th Recollect Community is…..

View 3D files online with Recollect

The new Recollect 3D file viewer is an interactive and innovative tool that allows a user to view, zoom, pan & rotate low-res (web-friendly) 3D object files.
With advancements in technology making 3D printing and scanning more available to the public, we are now in the era of accessing everything online at our fingertips, often from our pockets. We’re not quite at the hologram stage yet but VR and AR technologies are taking off and being developed by leading innovators throughout the globe. Offering new experiences and interactive opportunities with collections that were never easily available before.
Recollect now offers our clients a solution to storing, accessing, sharing and interacting with their 3D files and digital assets online that enable a higher level of interaction and experience through embracing new technologies and ways of touching history.
Significant cultural collections and organisations manage a variety of objects and materials that are progressively being scanned into three-dimensional digital files for ease of use and viewing. Museum objects such as significant archeological rocks and historical indigenous tools are now digitally preserved and viewed online in a Recollect platform.
Precious objects and special collections are notoriously very difficult to access as they demand proper handling requirements and suitable controlled environments. Items that have been digitally scanned are easily accessed and viewed online from anywhere in the world.

Try it yourself

Living Histories @ UON are using the 3D item in Recollect to enable virtual reality experiences and learning opportunities with their collection of indigenous artifacts through their collaborative Virtual Reality Deep Time project.
Using our Recollect 3D viewing feature, researchers, historians and archaeologists can devour the entire surface of a three-dimensional object in its accurately rendered digitised form. Zooming in on every detail, crease and remnant of the past, they can discover the history and origin of objects up close without the constraints of handling equipment and controlled environments, eliminating the risk of damage to the physical object.

Allow your community to seamlessly interact with a digitised object, easy viewing with no limitations or access constraints. Research and discover an entire collection of history of any dimension or format right from the convenience of your chosen screen.
Digital Assets such as CAD plans and BIM (Building Information Models) can also be displayed and stored in the one Recollect repository with associated metadata linked to each digital asset. Empowering a Digital Asset Management system for seamless access for any organisation with a collection of digital assets and information that need to be accessed on a regular basis.

Our 3D viewing feature currently supports an .obj Object File with a .jpg or .png Texture file. With associated files and metadata such as ultra-high resolution, proprietary CAD or other rendering output files attached to the recorded item and downloaded from a central repository.

Contact us about viewing your object collection online.