Recollect is pleased to announce the appointment of Genus as reseller for the United Kingdom and Ireland. Recollect is proud to collaborate and partner with Genus, an industry leader with many years of experience providing services to the cultural heritage sector. They will play a vital role in expanding the reach of Recollect as the brand achieves global growth.

Genus is the trading name of J & J Negus Ltd which has been trading since 1974 from its headquarters in Warwickshire, England. Libraries and archives make up a large number of Genus’ customers and they have an extensive history of providing microfilm and digitisation imaging services, as well as supplying equipment to their customers — similar to Recollect’s other resellers including NZMS in New Zealand and DatacomIT in Australia.

Recollect is a new and unique offering for the United Kingdom and Ireland — it is unlike anything that currently exists in that market. As an all-in-one solution it combines community engagement, collection management, and digital preservation.

The Recollect platform will allow Genus to provide a holistic and complete service. It serves as a final step for their customers to guarantee their collections will be preserved and accessible online far into the future. Their reputation and values align with Recollect’s, offering the best customer experience through solution consulting. Genus are ideally suited to introduce Recollect to their market and we welcome them as part of the growing Recollect community.

Genus are long-time friends of Recollect’s founder and chairman of the board, Andy Fenton, and he said,


“It is a brilliant moment for Recollect: partnering up with a company who I have long-admired and who seem to be NZMS’s double half a world away. Our CEO, Gavin Mitchell, visited England last year and it was wonderful hearing about the trust and respect Genus have acquired in the UK cultural heritage sector.”


The new partnership not only strengthens the relationship between the two companies, but it also expands our ability to provide comprehensive support that answers the needs of cultural heritage organisations in the UK and Ireland. It also feeds back into Recollect’s product development: we can share information and ideas about best practice to create a more sustainable multi-use platform that advocates for the global cultural heritage sector.

Managing Director of Genus, Paul Negus, notes:


“Genus are delighted to be able to launch the new and unique Recollect platform to the UK and Ireland. Andy and I have known each for over 20 years and we have admired and mirrored each other’s business models from opposite sides of the planet. Some of our clients had approached us for a digital image management system with a difference — one that was way ahead of anything else, focussing on community engagement AND preservation. A product of its time was what Andy presented us with when he first demonstrated Recollect, and these clients were immediately convinced. We are going to have enormous fun helping our clients create future links to the past.”


Recollect and Genus are delighted to announce this fruitful partnership. We are certain the UK and Ireland markets have been waiting for a platform like Recollect and are ready to get started on their Recollect journey.