Ipswich Council, Noosa Council, and Moreton Bay Regional Council have selected Recollect for their local studies collections. All three councils have a rich and unique history and Recollect is delighted to provide a cloud-based platform to safeguard and unlock their valuable collections. Each council leads a strong community that will find immeasurable benefits from being given access to their local cultural heritage online. Recollect provides the tools needed to empower people to share their stories and discoveries, stimulating community engagement.

Recollect aligns perfectly with each of the council’s goals, including Noosa Council’s 2020 Historian-in-Residence program. This programme encourages historians to explore Noosa’s stories and create new works to share local history with the wider community. Recollect’s storytelling features can give historians the ability to discover connections between items, as well as share their knowledge about the council’s collection.

As strong advocates for local studies and heritage preservation, Recollect and DatacomIT are pleased to welcome Ipswich Council, Noosa Council, and Moreton Bay Regional Council to the Recollect community.  They join more than 60 government, education, and cultural heritage organisations leveraging the power of the Recollect platform to drive digital transformation, preservation, and engagement.